Experiments in Reality

Experiments in Reality

A course at Queens College CUNY co-taught by Prof Greg Sholette and Prof Zoe Beloff. Spring 2014

Hand Painted Films

Final Projects


Projects by:

Amanda Okoli, Christina Coutavas, Kyle Gorry, Lilui Wengsha, Sarah Choe, Silvia Tixi, Sarah Hedstrom, Gabrielle Katz, Mara Friedman, Nicole Bugarin, Shuang Chen, Sabrina Borno , Alexyz Forrest, Amelia  Merker, Steven P. Harris, Christie Farriella, Qing Zhaou


Drawing Two/Experimental Media

Zoe Beloff (Media Studies) & Greg Sholette (Studio Art)
Queens College CUNY studio/seminar (Spring 2014: Arts 281)

This is a class for interdisciplinary students who are interested in investigating their creative potential and who want to take their existing work in new directions. No prior technical knowhow or drawing skills are required or necessary, only a focus on enthusiastic participation and ideas. The assortment of assignments includes:

-Short experimental films based on the “Real Life of the Mind”
-Hand-Drawn Abstract Film Strips (improvised music by the class)
-Graphic Novels focusing on Everyday Situations
-Magic Lanterns and Pepper’s Ghost Theaters

Using a wide range of media the class explores the stubbornness of things, including both material objects and abstract ideas and how these contribute, overtly or invisibly, to our personal and collective life-narrative. We also have a lot of fun.