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New Forms Archive/Document/Policy Forum

From Scott Braun: For anyone who’s interested, here’s that Jane Jacobs essay I mentioned about the corporate profit model being implemented in the university system – Credentialing vs. Educating. Credentialing vs

From Setare S. Arashloo: Listening to Marvin [Taylor at Fales Library NYU], I recall an essay I read few months ago, named “A Past Not Yet Passed” about post memory in works of Mona Hatoum by Chrisoula Lionis. It might be interesting to look at. I’ve attached the PDF here. PostmemoryandMonaHatoum

“It is thus, in this domiciliation, in this house arrest, that archives take place. The dwelling, this place where they dwell permanently, marks this institutional passage from the private to the public, which does not always mean from the secret to the nonsecret. (It is what is happening, right here, when a house, the Freuds’ last house, becomes a museum: the passage from one institution to another.) With such a status, the documents, which are not always discursive writings, are only kept and classified under the title of the archive by virtue of a privileged topology…haunting implies places, a habitation, and always a haunted house. “
“The archive:  if we want to know what this will have meant, we will only know tomorrow. Perhaps.”
Jacques Derrida: Archive Fever

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  1. Sarah Hedstrom says:

    I found this really interesting article on independent learning. It’s a nice supplement to the whole pedagogy thing. The book they reference looks pretty interesting…

    Everyone be well and keep learning!


  2. Mirana Zuger says:

    “Archive” by Don Maynard

    As if defying gravity, a stainless steel house floats twenty feet off the plaza. Tethered to the ground, ropes and boulders anchor the house, preventing it from floating away. Archive speaks to the challenge and importance of collecting and preserving our shared memories and histories for future generations lest they fly away just as the house threatens to do.
    Illuminated from within, the artwork is a beacon of light welcoming the public into the Central Archives and Ottawa Public Library Materials Centre. Cut from the walls of the house are random patterns of letters, the building blocks of narrative, from which the light glows.

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